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标题: [硬币手法教学] Michael Gallo - Siamese Coins硬币魔术教学 (98枚) [打印本页]

作者: 小雪    时间: 2013-5-28 14:35     标题: Michael Gallo - Siamese Coins硬币魔术教学 (98枚)

Michael Gallo - Siamese Coins硬币魔术教学
Mike's work with the Siamese Coins gimmick is nothing short of brilliant. The sleights and tricks contained in this publication will thrill any audience. I hope you take the time to study thi* **cellent material. If you do, you will certainly see why I consider Mike Gallo's close-up work in general, and his coin magic in particular, nothing short of sensational." . . . Harvey Rosenthal
"One of its true innovators, Mike Gallo transcends mere technique and brings a sensibility to coin magic that is truly visionary. Here, as usual, is ground-breaking, state-of-the-art, expert coin magic." . . . John Bannon
The Book: Explanations to 12 routines using the Siamese Coins. You are also taught the following coin sleights: Gallo Spider Vanish, Heel Clip, Kick Vanish, Professor's Nightmare Count, Purse Swindle Move, Ramsay Subtlety, Schneider/Dingle Pick-Up Move, Siamese Coin Switch, The Swish, Twirl Move, and much more. 44 pages. 52 Illustrations. Written by Stephen Hobbs. Foreword by Harvey Rosenthal.

The DVD/Video: Your chance to see Michael Gallo perform all 12 routine* **plained in the book: Exact Change Only, Fast & Easy Two Coins Across, Back & Forth, Forth & Back, All Gone Matrix, Ricochet, Thin Air, Hanging From A Purse String, Freeze Frame, Quick Change, Jackpot Slot, and Ramsay Without Tears.

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魔术教学本身是属于特殊产品,属于技术转让,一旦卖出就不予退换。, \

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